Wonderful Friends Dog Training

of Northern VA

Good Manners are a learned behavior

We provide instruction in each class to show you how to gently and effectively teach your Friend how to perform the exercises thru positive reinforcement methods. ALL family members are welcomed. Children are encouraged to attend, but children under 5 years old must be supervised at all times while in the training facility.

What you and your dog accomplish in these classes depends on many factors.  All dogs are not all alike.  Generally speaking, dog breeds that were bred to work with humans are easier to teach than breeds that were bred to work independently. For example a Golden Retriever is usually easier to train than a West Highland Terrier.


Your personality is a factor as well.  Hopefully, if you are a dominant person, your dog is not overly submissive.  If you are submissive, we hope your dog isn’t the type that is determined to be the Pack Master.


How much time you spend training your dog also makes a difference.  However, more is not necessarily better.  The best results come from incorporating the homework into your everyday life.  Thus when you take your “FRIEND” in the car, make sure they do a SIT before you allow them to get in or out of the car.  Formal training should be done in short, up-beat sessions.  Several 10 minutes sessions are better than an hour-long session especially for the young puppy.


If you are having a problem with your friend, or with the homework, please telephone me so I can help you find a solution.  I would much rather spend time on the phone, than have you give up on your friend.  It takes time and patience to work out the problems.


For more information:

Phone: 703 406-8920

Fax: 703 406-3304

Email: info@wonderfulfriends.com