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Wonderful Friends Dog Training &

Dog Walking

of Northern VA

Over the next 6 weeks you and your dog will be leaning to communicate with each other.

Specific VOCABULARY WORDS your dog will be learning are:











While your dog is learning ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE, you will be learning how to communicate in DOG BODY LANGUAGE. (CANINE AS A SECOND LANGUAGE.)







 Puppy Kindergarten: $150.00 per class—pre registration needed. Limit 8 dogs.

Our Puppy Social Hour is a great starting point for early socialization for very young puppies! Please keep in mind the prime socialization window for puppies begins to close very quickly at 12 to 14 weeks of age! Puppies will get to meet other puppies (different breeds, sexes, and sizes) their own age, safely on leash, meet other people (like other puppies, other people look different to puppies as well), and begin to realize their new world can be an exciting and fun place. As well as help shy puppies begin to build confidence and come out of their shell as the weeks go by.


Puppies will learn, walking by your side (heel);, Stand, Sit, Stay, Come; and Leave It.

We encourage fun activities to help build the puppies confidence with other puppies, people, and their footing (examples: low level agility equipment to walk on/in).

Calm behavior is encouraged and rewarded. This class is all about positive socialization and exposure..

Teen/Adult$150.00: 6 weeks course. Limit 8 dogs.

Classes are for the older puppies (For puppies 12 weeks of age to 8 months of age).

We will cover the basic commands of Sit, Stay, Heel, Down, Stand, and Come with positive reinforcement techniques. There will be a socialization period for your Friends to learn how to play with others.

Obedience Level 1 Class;  $150.00: 6 weeks course, Limit 8 dogs.

For dogs with previous classes geared to critique commands, and get ready for the show ring if that is your preference.

Training Class for Adolescent, Adult, and Senior Dogs 8 months and older.

Basic Training Hand Signals and Cues are covered in this Class (Examples: Sit, Down from a Sit and from a Stand, Sit Stay, Down Stay, Recalls, Loose Leash Walking, Attention Walking/Heel, Leave It). 

Canine Good Citizen$150.00: 6 weeks course, Limit 8 dogs.

Earn your AKC certificate for the well mannered pet. Mix breeds are welcomed.

Feisty Fido’s; Limited to 4 dogs, $185.00: 6 weeks course.

Geared for dogs that have behavioral problems with over reacting to everyday stimulus.  Teaching them how to relax on command, refocus to you when they perceive a problem (strangers, doorbells) coming towards them.


Obedience II & Tricks; Limited to 6 dogs, $150.00: 6 weeks course

Teaching more advanced obedience commands combining them with tricks to delight family and friends.  Focusing on distinguishing different object sand picking up the correct one.  Example would be bringing a tissue to whoever sneezes, bring notes to family members, playing dead, heeling backwards. 

Training in the Parks;

For advance dogs who need socialization and practice their good manners around different social events/area.  Ask to be put on our mailing list